Win $50,000 and Help Gene Win

$50,000 Giveaway


One of the AnimeNation family here, Gene Field, is also a licensed Real Estate Agent. His brokerage, Keller Williams, is running a giveaway until the end of March, so we’re helping him out, and giving you a chance to win big 🙂

Keller Williams has a great mobile real estate app, and the agent that has the most app downloads at the end of the month wins big. Plus, you get a chance at $50,000!

It doesn’t matter if you’re local, national or international, you can still help Gene by downloading the app and putting in his agent code. The link to the app page is below, and also the link to Gene’s contest page on Facebook.

Thanks for helping, and let us know if you’re the big winner!

Link to Gene’s App @ Keller Williams

Link to Gene’s App Facebook Page

Gene’s Agent Code (Important, enter this into the app): KW3CGZOX

Good luck!

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