Star Samurai Wars

Since Star Wars Episode VII director Rian Johnson has been contracted to direct the first trilogy of Star Wars films unrelated to the Skywalker family, he has the flexibility to do nearly anything imaginable. So if he wanted to, he could go back to the “Old Republic” era and literally construct a series of samurai movies set in outer space. The possibility isn’t a longshot stretch at all considering that Star Wars (1977) was heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s 1985 “jidaigeki” movie The Hidden Fortress.

The upcoming Episode VII: The Last Jedi already appears to exhibit samurai movie characteristics including Rey’s pose in the “Hasso no Kamae” stance and what might possibly be Kylo taking his sword from his belt and placing it on the floor while in the presence of his master.

In recent years fans worldwide have increasingly recognized the samurai influence within the Star Wars film franchise.

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