So Close Yet So Far

Director Rupert Sanders’ live-action Ghost in the Shell movie clearly draws visual and narrative inspiration from both Mamoru Oshii & Kazuchika Kise’s Ghost
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GitS BTS from ET

The glimpses we’re getting of this work-in-progress film continue to suggest a lot of very faithful adaptation from Mamoru Oshii’s classic 1995 film.
This morning I acquired practically the last remaining items from the AnimeNation store collection (excluding the items remaining in Gene’s personal collection). These
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Comic Homages

I don’t usually buy comic books strictly for their cover art, but I made an exception for these two, for hopefully obvious reasons.
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The House Ate It

Alden Thomas, AnimeNation’s former graphic designer, and the designer behind AN Entertainment’s Risky/Safety, Miami Guns, and HarĂ©+Guu DVDs, has published his first illustrated
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RIP Kenny Baker

British actor Kenny Baker, best known as the actor behind the Star Wars franchise’s robot character R2-D2, passed away today at the age
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Netflix Blame Teaser

Is it just my limited exposure to Tsutomi Nihei’s Blame, or does the story just really not make any comprehensible sense at all?