Katie Cook’s Kiki

At the Orlando Megacon convention this morning, I purchased a card-sized original illustration of Kiki from pro comic artist Katie Cook (Spider-Verse, Gotham Academy, My
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The South Rises Again!

Gene was sorting old documents and found some of the Miami Guns localization materials which he subsequent gave to me today. Photocopies of the original
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Beyblade is a Sport?

I’m amused by Beyblade Burst God’s halfhearted effort to propose that playing with spinning tops is a genuine athletic sport rather than a hobby.
Question: Along with Osamu Tezuka, who are the most influential creators in manga and anime? I’d imagine Go Nagai for his work with super robots,
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Yamcha Flash?

DC Comics has released a preview image of this week’s new Flash Rebirth issue 16 comic book. Artist Carmine Di Giandomenico’s illustration looks a bit
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Akibas Tripping

A scene in this week’s third episode of Akiba’s Trip occurs at the Schatzkiste maid café. Neat! I’ve eaten lunch there once.