October Powered Geek Box Review

Power Up Box has rebranded itself “Powered Geek Box,” but its commitment to boosting your nerd cred hasn’t changed one bit. The latest “deluxe geek, nerd, and gamer gear” mystery subscription box just arrived, so I bust it open to see what surprises it had in store.

Guys will feel super while wearing a pair of Bioworld’s Superman sublimated crew socks. The 98% Polyester/2% Spandex socks have a bright and vivid design that evokes the man of steel’s own stylish footwear. A pair of these sleek socks runs $8.65 from Amazon.

Gamers and generally chic folks of any gender will look great in a subdued yet striking skull logo t-shirt licensed from Call of Duty: Ghosts. The unusual and possibly Powered Geek Box exclusive shirt comes in grey rather than the widely available ordinary black. The common black version of the shirt costs around seven bucks from Amazon, depending on size.

Powered Geek Box continues to outfit the sharp gamer geek with a neat retro Super Nintendo controller design dogtag that perfectly matches the theme of the Call of Duty: Ghosts t-shirt. The Nintendo licensed necklace charm is a thin slab of metal with an NES controller design on one side and the Nintendo Entertainment System logo on the other side. The dogtag includes a black rubber sleeve to prevent it from making noise. The charm runs $8 from Amazon.

The retro gaming theme continues with a Nintendo licensed Super Mario Bros. “1 Up Mushroom” bifold wallet. This thin wallet designed for cards and cash exudes the sort of quality associated with Nintendo. The slightly padded exterior sides have enough texture to grip firmly while still feeling smooth enough to easily slip in and out of a pocket. The interior has pockets for a photo ID, five cards, and paper money. This billfold may have a fun design, but it feels like business with solid construction, durable fabric, and tough stitching. The wallet runs $18.38 from Amazon.

The “Block Head PVC coaster” from Britain’s Pop Art Products is a cute thick yet still somewhat flexible PVC design evocative of LEGO toys and Capcom’s Kobun robots. The plastic is heat resistant and perfectly smooth, which is good and bad. The smooth finish will make the coaster a breeze to clean, but the flat design also does nothing to trap water condensing and running from the exterior of cold cups or cans. The coaster costs 3.75 pounds sterling, which is about $5.75 in American dollars.

Finally, the deluxe Powered Geek Box treats its recipients with a Twisted Lip Pops lollipop. Mine was pink lemonade flavored. The odd and slightly creepy design of the candy is sure to turn heads and put smiles on people’s faces. One pop runs about two bucks.

The total value of the six items in the latest deluxe Powered Geek Box is roughly $50, making the $16.95 subscription price a fantastic bargain. The Powered Geek Box is also available each month in a premium version that contains 6-9 items, unlike than the 4-6 items that come packed in the deluxe box.

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