November Powered Geek Box Review

Why wait for Christmas gifts next month when a gift box of geeky goods can arrive every month? The nifty Powered Geek Box starts at a mere $16.95 plus shipping and provides a a spectacular value-filled treasure chest of pop culture surprises. A monthly subscription makes an outstanding gift for friend & family, or just treat yourself to a big blind-box of fun every month. The November box contains over $60 worth of merchandise (really!) for less than half price!

The Adipose, a race of marshmallow-like cubes of animated human fat cells, premiered in the Doctor Who television series in early 2008. The disturbing and disturbingly cute palm-sized baby aliens posed a potentially threatening quandary to the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant. The Funko POP Adipose won’t reduce your weight, but it will add to your collection of adorable sci-fi collectibles. Funko’s Doctor Who series Adipose POP retails on Amazon for $8.43.


The Asobu Stress Controller from Paladone Products is a fun foam stressball in the shape of a sturdy Atari 2600 hand control. Ah, remember those simple days when video game controllers had only one button. This palm-sized squeeze toy is ideal to grip & crush when stress demands that you destroy something handy. When a video game gets too frustrating, the home team fumbles the ball, or the dog eats your homework, relieve your anxiety in a refreshing retro way by unleashing your rage on this safe foam controller. Squeeze it or throw it; it’s bound to bring back your joy. This amusing little device retails on Amazon at $6.95.


Serious gamers naturally take their gaming on the go these days via smartphones and tablets. The Asobu Touch Control Joystick for Touchscreens contributes an extra degree of retro geek chic and extra precise gaming control. The specially designed keychain charm features an electro-conducive rubber bottom that works as a precise gaming stylus on all digital touchscreens. Improve your high scores and be the center of attention by using this conversation piece mini-control stick on your smartphone or tablet. The Asobu Touch Control Joystick keychain retails on Amazon for $8.17.


Extend your favorite Family Guy moments into real life with the official Family Guy Drinking Dice Drinking Game from ICUP. Four high quality glass dice with rounded corners depict Family Guy characters and cynical swigging commands that will have players either sipping or chugging a beverage quickly or slowly with a chaser of hilarious behavior. Although primarily designed for increasingly inebriated adults, the game is equally playable by minors drinking soda, juice, or milk. The take-them-everywhere Family Guy Drinking Dice game costs $5.59 from Amazon.


The deceptively simple game of Tetris has fascinated players for decades. Now the fun doesn’t even require electricity to excite the mind. A sheet of official Tetris fridge magnets from Paladone Products provides 49 separate Tetris block shaped magnets that can be used to play tetris, design colorful geometic designs, and even pin up shopping lists. A sheet retails on Amazon for $7.84.


Develop your inner geeky inventor with the help of Guinness World Records’s officially amazing Build Your Own Flying UFOs model kit. The interactive papercraft kit contains four different printed UFO bodies, large & small rotor blades, a frame, and rubber bands. Assemble your own UFO and see how long you can keep your craft afloat, or see how much weight your flying object can carry! Amazon’s retail price on this interactive kit is $10.32.


Begin your world domination with an appropriate uniform. A casual Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe T-shirt tells the world that you’re a geeky cool cat toying with dark dreams of global control. The officially licensed G.I. Joe shirt starts at $14.18 from Amazon.


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