June Power Up Box Unboxing

Surprise subscription boxes are the best idea for geeks, otaku, and collectors since merchandise itself. Receiving wonderful new collectable toys, treats, and sometimes even collectable treats is supremely gratifying for fantasy aficionados. Combining the pleasure of gaining new goods with the anticipatory fun of surprise turns subscription boxes into Christmas gifts all year around. The June release of the Power Up Box has a monopoly on Guardians of the Galaxy goodness.

Rocket Dorbz figure

The June Power Up Box features an adorable Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Funko Dorbz vinyl figure. The stylized smooth, round, and smiling design of the figure evokes a distinct anime sensibility, allowing the three-inch figure to appeal to comic book fans, fans of the movie, and even anime otaku. The figure retails at $11.69 via Amazon.


Rocket wasn’t the only intergalactic critter to steal hearts in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. His devoted partner Groot joins him in the June Power Up Box in the form of a NECA Scalers two-inch figure. The wide-eyed baby Groot will grip most cords, cables and wires, adding a sci-fi flair to otherwise boring cables. This figure retails at $6.99 from Amazon.


As if a 3D baby Groot wasn’t enough to satisfy, the Power Up Box also delivers the adventures of fully-grown Groot in the first issue of his brand new Marvel comic book series. The 28-page comic written by Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer Jeff Loveness and illustrated by Disney animator Brian Kesinger features a playful art design and plenty of humorous action involving space hitchhiking, devious aliens, ray guns, and even space sharks! The buzz in the comic collecting community suggests that this comic will be fun to read and may even be promising to archive as a future investment since it’s the first solo comic for one of Marvel’s latest breakout hit heroes. My copy arrived in flawless condition with one of the two available “variant” covers. Receiving the comic from my Power Up Box saves me $3.99 from buying it at my local comic shop.


The Walking Dead has popularized comic book zombies like nothing else before, but creators Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith actually pioneered the contemporary zombie comic back in 1987 with Deadworld. The underground horror hit has clawed its way into mainstream publication and awareness with determination, creativity, and innovation. The latest innovation from the Deadworld is Caprice’s premium zombie soda. The new beverage features a variety of tasty “un-natural” flavors capped into collectable bottles illustrated by 41 comic artists. Each bottle is accompanied by a full-color 12-page illustrated booklet that introduces all 12 limited edition flavors of Deadworld Soda. This rejuvenating fizzy treat is presently available almost exclusively in the Northeast US, getting a sample bottle in areas outside of Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan is a rare treat.


Soda goes well with something solid, so the June Power Up Box also provides a package of gourmet third edition Jelly Belly “Bean Boozled” jelly beans. The “weird & wild” tasting assortment of candies includes such curiously delectable tastes as “lawn clippings,” “stinky socks,” “skunk spray,” “booger,” and “barf.” Sounds like an ideal companion snack to the Deadworld un-natural premium soda! A single 1.6 ounce box of “Bean Boozled” jelly beans costs $4.06 on Amazon.


Finally, the June Power Up Box corners the market on stylish Monopoly t-shirts. Uncle Pennybags twirls his moustache while wearing shades, completely secure in his “player” status. The “I Wanna be a Billionaire” design shirt informs the world that Uncle Pennybags and you have your sights set on going for the gold. These fun shirts designs are immediately iconic and widely recognizable, draping the wearer in a fashion statement that’s boldly retro and trendy at the same time. They’re also very handy for wrapping the glass Deadworld soda bottle to prevent breakage during delivery. At Amazon prices these officially licensed Monopoly shirts cost $11.95 & $18.99.

For a mere $24.95, or even less for those who commit to extended subscriptions, the June Power Up Box contains over $60 worth of collectable merchandise. The Power Up Box is a perfect treat for yourself or for a loved one that appreciates the variety of fun offerings that comic book culture covers. Now I can’t wait to see what sweet surprises will appear in next month’s box!

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