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  • Media Factory Announces 5 New Anime
  • Super Seisyun Brothers Anime Announced
  • Battle Spirits 6th Series Announced
  • Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends to Premiere Next Month
  • Toei Robot Girls TV in January
  • Tokyo Toy Box Drama Announced
  • Higanjima Sequel Movie Announced
  • Warner Considering Restarting Akira Project
  • AnimeSols’ Black Jack Pledge Drive Succeeds
  • New Video License Rescues Gash Bell, St. Seiya & Yu-Gi-Oh


  • Another DVD or BD: Sentai
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie BD collection standard & Ltd.: Aniplex
  • Samurai Pizza Cats DVD Complete Series

Additional thoughts:

  • Pacific Rim 2
  • Symphogear G 5
  • Hunter x Hunter & Ao no Exorcist movies

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