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Gunbuster's final episode

Hi there,

In the final episode when Norika and Kazumi stay behind to detonate the black hole bomb it takes them 12,000 earth years to get back.

Does this mean that Gunbuster still had warp speed despite being torn in half?

If so why did it take them so long to get back (in earth years) when it didn't take as long to reach that position from earth initially.

Many thanks
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Well I think it goes something like this:

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My guess is that the Gunbuster had two engines or something. Y'know, for each Buster Machine? So one engine was shoved into BM3, and the second (either that or some kinda auxillary engine) was used for light speed. And then you account for Einstein's Relativity Law, and our dynamic duo gets to Earth one step in evolution later.
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Originally Posted by Ridley-X4 View Post
My guess is that the Gunbuster had two engines or something. Y'know, for each Buster Machine?

Gunbuster does indeed have 2 engines.

If you watch the extras they released with the Renewal DVD's one of them is a technical run over of the Sizzler mechs. They comment that the the Sizzler is more efficient as it has only one reactor (the 2nd was just unnecessary). Not so unnecessary in the end though XD
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