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hentai with a great story line.

I'm looking for a hentai, with an absolutely dynamite story line. Does anyone know of any?
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One... It only has one 2-4 minute Hentai scene in each episode, and the rest is story. There are three episodes, and alot of the game is left out of it. If you where to get the whole story in the game into the Hentai, it would be the most perfect romance I would have to admit i have ever seen. As it is though, it is still beautiful.

My self rundown of it:

When Kouhei was younger, he used to live with his mother and sister. He used to pick on his sister for fun, and one day, his sister has a "bring your father into school" day coming up. He tells her (because deep down, he loves her), that he will dress up like a father and be her father for that day because she never had a father. The day before the father's day, she fell ill and was hospitalized. He went and stayed by her side for weeks. One day, he bought her a toy chameleon where when you roll it, the tongue moves in and out. She fell in love with it because it was from Kouhei. Later on another week, he comes in, and notices a bald kid in his sister's room. He says sorry, and was ready to leave. The bald kid called out "It is me. My condition is worsening." She was laying there in bed, and Kouhei could tell she was in severe pain. He told her that they could make it a father's day at the hospital. She agreed. He ran home to get the clothes and cans he would stilt himself on, and when he got back, she was playing with the chameleon again. She wanted him just to watch her play with it, and after a bit, she said the pain was hurting her too much. She called for her brother, and he came to her. A few moments later, she died. He was crying at her funeral, and their mother didn't even come.

Shortly after, Kouhei moved with his Aunt. Every day he would go out, he would cry thinking of his sister. The first time he was crying, was (As shown towards the end of episode 3), at the swingset. Mizuka saw him crying, and asked him what was wrong. He was claiming there was no eternity, due to his sister's passing away. That is when she was kind, and said they could have an eternity right there, and she kissed him.

Ever since that day, this depression of his created daydreams and real dreams of him venturing to this "Eternal World" that he himself created. This world is similar of death, except overtime, you slowly fade away into it, and as that happens, everyone's memories tend to slip away of you with you. The saying about this eternal world however, is that if someone can overcome this, and keep their memories of the person fading away for one year after they have done so, the person who was dragged to the eternal world would be brought back.
All of that info is left out of the series. Without knowing it, it is hard to understand how beautiful it is.

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Good Story Lines

* Lingeries (aka Lingeries Office)
* Ringetsu
* ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ True Stories (One True Stories)
* Ryokan Shirasagi (Swallowtail Inn)
* Kao no nai Tsuki (Moonlight Lady)
* Genmukan (The Sin of Desire & Shame)

Romantic Themes

* Hitozuma Kasumi-san (Hills Have Size) (Also belongs in MILFs)
* Campus
* Futari Ecchi (Step Up Love Story)
* Koihime
* Dousoukai Again (Class Reunion Again)
* Magical Twilight
* Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa (Cosplay Cafe)


* Enbo (Taboo Charming Mother)
* Gibo no Toki (Do You Know the MILFing Man?)
* Classmate no Okaa-san (My Classmate's Mother)
* Ryoujoku Hitozuma Onsen (Spa of Love)


* Aniyome (My Brother's Wife)
* Gibo Mai (Stepsister) (also belongs in MILFs)
* Futago no Hahasei Honnou (Ménage a Twins)

ROFL factor

* Hatsu Inu (Strange Kind of Woman)
* Famiresu Senshi Purin (Sex Warrior Pudding)


* Ane to Boin (It's a Family Affair)
* Boin
* Cleavage
* Discipline
* Chibo (Mother Knows Breast)
* Mrs. Milk Junkie (Consenting Adultery)
* Milk Junkies 1 & 2 (I would not recommend 3 & 4 aka Boobalicious)

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For larger lists, see the links in my .sig to my database.
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* Aniyome (My Brother's Wife)
* Gibo Mai (Stepsister) (also belongs in MILFs)
* Futago no Hahasei Honnou (Ménage a Twins)


What about Night Shift Nurses? That had a great revenge theme.
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Pardon me for making the "trendy" pic, but I like Bible Black's storyline.

Also, Blood Shadow.
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