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Old October 30th, 2007, 09:29 AM   #1
Desire's Thirst
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Top 6 sexiest Hentai Scenes

I am new to this forum so I do not know if there was such a thread before, but what in your opinion are the top 6 best sex scenes in Hentai. Just simply think about a hentai (It doesn’t even have to be a particularly good one) but think of a scene that pushed all the right buttons, the right theme, settings, characters and events…

What are mine…? Glad you asked.
In no particular order:

Mezzo Forte ep2– Love the art and animation, It’s the only sex scene in the movie. The young female protagonist has been caught and is given over to two familiar criminals who get a special 10 minutes to have their way with her.

Dark Love/ Kuro Ai ep1– The Mistress of the training Mansion, seduces and pleasures the master whilst he is on the phone to his girlfriend... Hot scene. I may not like the pace of the sex, but I think the creators of these hentais are brilliant.

Bible Black ep6 – Although most scenes are considered top notch I think the best for me would be Imari and Minase, (the second time round, imari seemed to be abit more randy in this scene). Last episode, everything is concluded and the villain is supposedly dead, and you’ve got the girl, consummate the conclusion with a hot sex scene.

Taimanin_Asagi 1 Gyakushuu Oboro ep1– I think these are done by the same creators as Dark love. From what I know it has not been subbed, so I can only guess what’s going on. The villain confronts the female ninja at her private home whilst in conversation with a person who I can only assume is her fiancé. The villain hypnotizes and controls him to have sex with her right in front of the Heroine, who is now being assaulted by the Villain’s alien minions.

Stringendo Ep1 – Distinctive art and style, the one scene in the school toilet between the female and male…Just plain hot.

Umemaru 3d, Senpai – One of two 3d hentai I liked, to which sex scene I liked is hard, because the whole movie is one big sex scene.
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If you liked Umemaru 3d Senpai you should check out his newest works. Erobeat has subbed the first episode of Taimanin Asagi and Stringendo.
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I'm fond of:

1) The Final Imari/Minase scene from Bible Black Episode 6
2) The Scene in Immoral Sisters 2 where the guy does Ruri in the Ferris Wheel, doing her from behind while her chest is propped up against the window
3) The second episode H scene in "One: True Stories" where the guy has sex with Akane. She was damn cute.
4) Tie between both scenes from the final episode of "Maid in Dream," the first being where he has Anal Sex with that one girl while using an auto-dildo to effectively double penetrate her, and the second being the long, extenssive scene with that purple-haired main maid.
5) The Scene in Episode 2 of Magical Girl Ai where the main character has sex in the school room with that green haired chick, whose name starts with an M I think, like Mitsukage or something. Anyway, she was hot and pretty much made the scene.
6) Final Scene with Mina in "I Love You," where she asks to have anal sex.
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Old October 30th, 2007, 07:23 PM   #4
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hmm...i havent seen enough hentai to come up with a top 6...but I really like the ep 6 bible black scene that has been mentioned...I also really like the scene on Beat Angel Escalayer where they are trying to have sex quietly in the public shower.
I'm also a fan of the scene from Taboo Charming Mother where he does his "mom" in front of her sister
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Mr. Zeroryoko1974 to you
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hmmmm.... my personal favorite is from Sexfriends episode 2 where the main character does both girls. 2nd favorite is also from sexfriend with him and the nurse and her sister(?) Oh wait just thought of another, that topped both. The yuri scene from Front Innocent
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Old October 31st, 2007, 02:40 AM   #6
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Strange enough, there's no hentai movie I liked so much, so I would choose ones from h-games instead. I liked scenes in 'Chain' and also a scene in X-change 2 when Takya changes her (or his clothes and Koji attacks her (or him
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Old October 31st, 2007, 02:53 PM   #7
How cute...
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Sexfriends- in the locker, sex in public variation and it was her first time someone had played with her butthole
Taimanin Asagi- I just liked the demon deepthroating to be honest, there's nothing classy about it, just straight nasty
Bible Black- when he does the teacher to relieve her, what a huge butt
Women at Work- the scene with the guy/girl/Istillhaven'tfiguredthatoutyet blowjob after the shower
Cool Devices- Enema, can't remember the episode numer, sex in a public place again
Dragon Pink- right before he kills the tiger, very affectionate sex despite the fact that he's a jerk
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After putting some thought into it, Here we go. . .

6)Hitozuma Kasumi-san (Hills Have Size), Episode 2. The scene at the end of episode 2 with Kasumi and Ryoji show how nice a romantic and very lustful scene can be. The art work was great and it’s always nice to see such a scene between people who love each other. While I know some people are turned off by the large site of Kasumi’s chest, it didn’t bother me since I’m a big fan of such animated characters.

5)Cleavage, Episode 1. The scene at the end of the episode in the school music room with Erica and Yuuto was one everyone expected and more romantic than I expected in a D3 production.

4)Gibo Mai (Step Sister), Episode 2. The scene in the atelier with Megumi and Kyosuke as she is tied up and treated to a blindfolded light S&M experience and then given anal after she begged for it until she orgasms. Megumi’s Japanese VA is one of my favorite in all of ero-anime and it basically came from that scene.

3)Ringetsu, Episode 3. The shower stall scene shows a pivotal move of the plot in the series since both Ayumi and Naoto come to realize that they both love one another instead of Naoto just trying to protect his inheritance by impregnating one of the girls.

2)Enbo (Taboo Charming Mother), Episode 6. The ending sex scene of the series brings Misako and Kazuhiko to point we knew we were going to see all along. The scene was graphic and very hot as both parties accept what was going to happen. Infidelity never looked so good.

And my number 1, Lingeries episode 3, Rena and Nakanishi scene at the beginning of the episode. The scene is very well animated and very sexually graphic as Rena gets the screwing of her life as she is interrogated about the goings on at BBB. The various positions, along with a rather graphic anal scene, tops off one of my favorite ero-animes and my favorite ero-anime scene.

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1. Dark Love, where Madoka gets a job working in the brothel so she can be close to the "Master". She asks to lose her virginity and be impregnated by him, then ends up pulling trains for a living.

2. Bible Black, where Miss Takashiro is set up by the evil nurse who instructs the boys that "It wouldn't be practical sex education if you don't come inside!"

3. Keraku Oh Pleasure King, where he finally gets the girl that is addicted to semen into the storage shed.

4. Immoral Sisters I, where Mom, and the two daughters try to wear out the young man (and do!).

5. Blackmail II, where the heroine is taken to the Playboy mansion and the roulette table decides who gets her before her new husband does.

6. T & A Teacher, where the heroine goes to the hospital to make amends.

Trying to limit to 6 is damn hard to do! I am probably forgetting some good ones, and those previously listed are great as well!
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