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Originally Posted by Bernard_Monsha View Post
I lost interest when Bandai folded and there will be no turn a gundam
I love the way you put things, Bernard.
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Originally Posted by Mickeymac92 View Post
I actually have to agree with you here. Gundam Age is honestly the first Gundam I didn't enjoy, and I've seen most of them by now. I'm hoping it turns things around towards the end, but I kinda doubt it will...I can't believe this is Level 5's work.
Bland. Boring. Uninspired. Gundam Age is totally a Level 5 work. When Level 5's Hino was said to be working on it, everyone should have known it would be terrible.
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Except he's worked on several games that had really good stories to them, In fact, out of all the Level 5 games I've played, the only ones with stories that I'd describe as Bland or Boring are the White Knight Chronicles games. Sure, quite a few of them can be derivitive, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing if they're inspiration is used correctly, which it usually is. I don't even really like Level 5 games, but I do always like their stories and characters. This really doesn't feel like their work to me.
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