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This one still survives
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Your favorite mecha(vehicle itself not tv series)

As name of this topic says, you could post name or picture of your favorite mecha here.But dont limit your posts to mech only.Post pictures of famous anime ships,submarines etc.Think about this thread as mechanical paradise.

My favorites are :

Nirvash type theEND from Eureka SeveN

VF-1J from Macros

and Mermaid from The Mars Daybreak
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Mecha Fanboy
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Oh am I going to have fun here. Where should I start?

Liger Zero

Mazinkaiser SKL

VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie
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KT Kore
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Fan of Mecha
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Epyon from Gundam Wing

Pysco Gundam
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The Smoking Gun
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Site's being gay with editing options right now so I can't post the image.
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Steampunk Version of Mazinger Z by Fewture Called mazinger 1901

View of available poses.

Boss Borat and Doublas


Garada K7
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Originally Posted by Vegeta
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Gunbuster is the boss, you know.

Genesic GaoGaiGar


The Gouf Custom is still easily my favorite MS in all of Gundam.

As for my favorite Gundam, always a hard choice, but Turn A will always be iconic to me.
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Once and Final King
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Straight from an older topic:

Evangelion Unit 02
Gadessa (Gundam 00)
Gaplant TR-5 "Hrairoo" (Advance of Zeta)
GM Ground Type (Gundam: 08th MS Team)
Gundam Asklepios (Gundam Wing: G-UNIT aka The Last Outpost)
Gundam Epyon (Gundam Wing)
Gundam TR-1 "Hazel" (Advance of Zeta)
Gundam Virsago (After War Gundam X)
Gundam X (After War Gundam X)
J-Saviour High Mobility Mode (G-Saviour PS2 game)
Lazengann (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann)
LED Mirage (Five Star Stories)
Leo (Gundam Wing)
Reborns Gundam (Gundam 00)
Shinkirou (Code Geass R2)
Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode (Gundam Unicorn)
Victory Gundam (Victory Gundam)
Wing Gundam (Gundam Wing)
Zollidia (Victory Gundam)
Zoloat (Victory Gundam)
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A Fool
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I've always been fond of the mecha design for the EVAs, other than that my favorite is probably the Shinkirou from Code Geass.
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