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So, I just finished watching the series (awesome series by the way ), and I was wondering which version of FINAL I should watch: the 8-episode OVA or the 12-episode TV version?

I was reading up on wikipedia that new scenes were added to the TV version, and wondered if they were worth the extra time to watch. A setback I read was that in order to stretch the time out that more flashbacks to the series were added in (ugh, flashbacks ). Also, more of the nakey fanservice was removed (not a deal breaker, but I wouldn't mind watching it).

I'm leaning more towards the OVA, but wondered if anyone who has seen both could supply some feedback (actually, I don't even know if both have been subtitled... haven't gotten that far yet).

Man, I wish the entire series had been dubbed. I loved the dub.
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I'm pretty positive the 12 episode TV version is not subbed, so... yeah.

FINAL was a mixed bag for me. Introduced some new characters I utterly hated, but overall it was pretty nice and had an epic conclusion.
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8 ep OVA.

Grand Glorious Gathering wasn't as good.
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