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7/15/11 update

Posted July 15th, 2011 at 04:55 AM by Gatomon

Everyone in the group watch them walk into the crowd gathered by the dealer’s room. “We better get our stuff in the hotel room.” Terri said. “I’ll be here waiting for the mad dash into the dealer’s room to end.” Brandy replied. Ed, Terri, and Sandy walk into the lobby. Brandy looks at the crowd and sighs. She knew that she was going to wait a good ten minutes after the dealer’s room opens
before she would try to get inside. She hoped that the others would be back by then.

Mr. Jones stops on the far side of the line waiting to get into the dealer’s room. He checks the pictures on the digital camera and makes notes in his book corresponding to the pictures. “Well?” Miss Jones asked. “Remember how Wolfson used to say that we tend to gather in packs?” Mr. Jones asked. “A bit of that he taught still is there. I could sense that girl in the leopard spot dress what we are looking for.” She answered. “She definitely has it. She was like a bomb fire to me. She attracts others to her with potential.” Mr. Jones replied. “Is she that obvious?” Miss Jones asked. “Very much so that if Wolfson saw her. I would bet he would want her brought in today.” Mr. Jones said. “Well, we can’t take her at the convention especially today. It would bring to much attention. “Miss Jones replied. “I agree. I’m not going to say much to Wolfson tonight. He might want me to place a collar on her personally and lock it. I trust in the enchantments. That way we don’t have her complaining about her collar and making us not get them out to the people.” Mr. Jones explained. “Good idea.” Miss Jones laughed. Both of them look over to the doors to the dealer’s room. A cheer came from the crowd gathered in front of the doors when they are opened.

Cassandra was examining the ring she now wore on her right hand. She looked up at the doors to the dealer’s room when she heard the cheer. The doors open and the crowd standing outside pour into the dealer’s room. The ringing of Cassandra’s bell was the only sound to be heard over the roar of the crowd. “Hear they come!” Mr. Simmons remarked. Cassandra stepped back from the table as the wave of people move past. Within moments she is answering questions about her outfit, collar, and ears. Mr. Simmons steps up and helps by giving prices and sizes to everyone. He is very happy at the attention Cassandra was getting. “It was a very good idea to have brought her along.” He thought. After a few moments people just looked at things on the displays and tables then they started buying. Cassandra was showing ears and collars but, only the ears were selling. “Hum, we may have to put them on sale earlier than expected.” He thought.
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