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Soluzar's Gaming Journal

I'm going to use this space to comment on anything I find noteworthy, interesting or amusing about the games I'm playing recently. I don't necessarily assume it will be an interesting read for anyone else, but it might well be an interesting record for me.
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As Addictions Go, At Least It Is Legal...

Posted June 27th, 2010 at 12:42 AM by Soluzar

I fell off the wagon. I have abstained for many, many months since my last slip, but now the addiction has me in full grip once more. Just like an alcoholic might say, "One is too many, ten isn't enough."

Of course, he probably wouldn't imagine that sentiment could also apply to Pokémon.

It's an odd little addiction. Somehow the collecting mechanism taps right into the reward center of my brain, and like a rat in a science experiment I just keep on hitting the button.

Welcome back to my blog, folks. For a while now, I've been playing a game I didn't want to play. I felt a sort of an obligation to complete it, but... it really wasn't all that much fun. I'll write about that later, though.

The point is, it sapped my enthusiasm to write. A couple of other high-profile disappointments also didn't help. A combination of many things, really. It was ironic that just after being voted last year's blogger of the year, I pretty much lost the will to write new entries.

You knew I'd be back though. Right?

I just realised today how much I miss this. However, if I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible, you know what would be good? Comments. It doesn't matter if you don't have anything major to say. If you liked the post or hated it, please tell me. If you agree or disagree with my opinions, let me know. If you're playing, or have played the game, then tell me. If I'm writing about something you plan to play, then please understand that I mark my spoilers, and try to keep the big reveals after the jump. If I make a mistake, let me know that too.


I bought Diamond on the day of release but somehow I never quite got into it. I don't know why, just that the timing wasn't right. I didn't dislike the game in any way, but I never quite found the time for it.

Recently I noticed that tenshi_a was playing one of the new games a lot. I forget which one she has, it is either Heart Gold or Soul Silver. It looked really good. They added a lot of things over and above what would constitute a straightforward remake.

It also helped remind me how good Diamond is. Anyway, I ended up playing Platinum instead, because it is the newest version of the Sinnoh generation of games.

I've only been playing a couple of weeks, and I'm not exactly racing through it. Partly that is because in between times I'm returning to my old GBA save file in order to try and pick up some more Pokemon and maybe make an attempt to "catch 'em all", or as close as is possible.

Once I eventually finish my journey through Sinnoh, a trip to Johto is definitely in order, and one of these days I could stand to finish off Pokémon Colosseum for the Gamecube.

It's an addiction... what can I say?
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    Vaikyuko's Avatar
    Pokemon is very much addicting. I have no reason to buy the games anymore, not really.

    But I do. Not only that, I often buy multiple versions of the same generation even though there's virtually no differences between them. Why?

    I don't know, I just love capturing, collecting, and beating the stuffing out of Pokemon.
    Posted April 10th, 2011 at 03:40 PM by Vaikyuko Vaikyuko is offline
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