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Posted October 26th, 2010 at 02:23 AM by Nomnomnom

Okay, I need direction in my life. I'm doing things now adays mainly out of complete and utter boredom. Tonight I have done nothing but sit around the computer and have a couple of friends over for some anime watching and music downloading and what not. THe friend who wanted the music lost her mp3 player somehwere in my house so it's going to be a ***** trying to find it, seeing how messy my appartment is. I'd take a picture of it, but I have only two good angles of the room to be able to show it to you, and one of them has some not safe for work images up on the wall, and I really don't feel like going about editing an image just to show it to you guys, the few of you over on AN who will be reading this post and possibly posting on it. I rarely post anymore because I don't get any feedback, and let's face it, myspace is dying, facebook doesn't really have a lot to offer blogging wise, and xanga, I think it's been dead for several months now. I can still post on it, but there's no sense of unity or order or anything, I can't find new people that live locally to read about because well, pretty much no one exists in town to post to it.

I haven't drawn anything in weeks, and I can't take it upon myself to do so or to play a game of any sort. I mean it would be really, really easy to start up a game of Puzzle Quest 2, or simply turn on the tablet and start drawing to my hearts content, but I don't have any inspiration or drive right now, and that sucks, most gratefully. I can't spell definetly, and I've never been able to do so. I'm not going to go back and spell check it, because I know I can't spell it on my own either way, and its not going to find the way it's spelled very easily either. It's not worth my time, meh.

I would like to take this moment to thank fuji who usually posts on my blogs, even though I've told her her's are too long for me to really read, I should, in all my hours of absolute boredum and alone time, actually break down and read a blog of hers or two.

I've been posting a lot over on animenation so that I can have something fun to do, I really have grown to like and appreciate that forum, and for those of you who have any interest in anime, (James, Andy, Jessie) you should totally join me on it and post to your hearts content (even if jessie is just into dbz, lol).

This time last year I would have been just getting back from out of state, and its really sad to see how badly my financial situation has gotten since I shared the appartment with james and stuff. I had a stable job and I was actually saving money, but man did my moving decision blow that one out of the water. All i got out of it was a nintendo ds, a broken notebook, and lots of sex. Woopie, sex. That's one thing I can definetely tell my attitude has changed towards, I'm not as craving of it as I used to be, and maybe I'm just getting to the point that I'm done sewing my wild oats and can start looking for a lifelong parnter (at my age? wtf I must be going crazy), anyway, I'm gonna get off of here for now and go press the start button on some type of video game. Take care: Facebook, Animenation, and Xanga Communities!
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    fujyoshi's Avatar
    if you have wordpress thats good for long entries like mine xD your eyes would still fall out reading all that /heh yea drawing is something that has to come to you I think because I haven't drawn anything in a long time. The last thing I drew was this hawt picture of Judai that was from an OST cover or something and colored it in painshop pro xD drawing is quiet serious, and plus now I actually have sewing ta do.
    Posted October 26th, 2010 at 04:21 AM by fujyoshi fujyoshi is offline

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