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Drag show and feelings.

Posted November 9th, 2010 at 10:32 PM by Nomnomnom

Tonight was a decently entertaining night, I finally got a hold of him again and got to see him, hang out with him for a little bit, and go to my first drag show contest. I didn't mind the fact that there where girls dressed up like guys and guys dressed up like guys and guys dressed up like girls and all that jazz, but the theme completely threw me off when they where doing little murder skits about either killing oneself or killing someone else for someone and it was to all this usually cheery music too, which was really kinda sad to hear, some of the performers where good, but after a bit my friend was getting queezey from the two murder scenes back to back so we left before the show was over.

I'm debating being intimate with him again, because the first time he let me touch him we where both drunk, and its going to possibly be 3 weeks between the times we've been alone in private, if possibly not more. I don't really want to go back to work tomorrow night, but I don't have the personal leave days to say, "hey, it's okay, you can miss work" and loose money.... I need so much money right now so badly its not even funny, my dad finally chimed in and said I needed to pay back part of the owed phone bill so I'm going to do that as soon as my check clears in the morning, and hopefully that will make him happy that I've finally paid back something. This check is sadly going to disappear as soon as I get it, thanks to the magical suck-age of paying all my bills off that I can at once. I really need to hide my credit card from myself for about two weeks and see how well I can survive on like...oh say 50 bucks or something along those lines. I have friends who owe me money but won't do a damn thing to pay it, and friends who will instantly pay me back when they owe me money, but I don't have any that owe me money at this point in time in that category. I was seriously thinking about getting rid of all of my movies, just putting them into a box and taking them to the local entertainment store and selling them for cash or store credit if its not a very promising amount. However I can't find it in myself to part with things, that in reality, I'm never going to watch again. I guess I can sell all of the items for $5 a pop on amazon or something, and see how well that goes...Not quite sure on that one though. I'm just needing to part with things that aren't getting used, and possibly get rid of a love seat as well, I don't like it, it doesn't get much use, and it just kinda sits there. ****, I need plastic bags to take my lunch in but I don't have any and its a little late to be getting back out seeing as the bars are now closing and I have been drinking as well and the last thing I need to do is be pulled over right now.

Oh my god, i think I'm ranting just a little bit, pretty much everything that I'm thinking is coming out of my hands right now, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but its a tried and true method to be good to myself. I just moved this document into a new window so that i could better work on it and had a little bit better control over my lines and it's actually the second time I've hit enter, woot woot.

Okay just to recap, life sucks, I'm bored, I want to cuddle and snuggle all the time, I need money, I need sleep, I need to feel wanted and needed by someone and have them be special to me and be special in their lives. Which means I need to date, but I can't seem to pick up chicks and I don't do much irl beside cuddle with guys and that my friend is on a rare occasion, when someone wants to and they're cool, and I think they're cool, and they're gay. I don't know....Anyway, I'm reaching that point where I'm happy with the amount that I've wrote, and when I get happy I usually just stop typing. So, here's a blog entry, have a good night folks.
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    Hajimo's Avatar
    This was a really nice entry. Your dumbass friends should get off their high horses and pay you. Your dad should chill too. Debt takes time to pay off. Also, I'm sure there are a lot of people who think you are special to them and need you. You have friends here too.
    Posted November 10th, 2010 at 12:35 PM by Hajimo Hajimo is offline
  2. Old Comment
    fujyoshi's Avatar
    if your not offended by crossdressing then how come you hate my videos -_=
    Posted November 10th, 2010 at 12:39 PM by fujyoshi fujyoshi is offline

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