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South're cowards. Part 2

Posted February 16th, 2012 at 05:29 PM by waltsoph3

(the words of this blog are those of my own opinion.)

Well I found out about a very very intresting follow up to a story regarding a past South Park blog I talked about.

You can read my original blog post right here if you wish:

A while back you might remember south park doing a 2 part episode that involved the
Prophet Muhammad yet they got edited out.

Some say that reason for the editing of the original content was due to possible retaliation on Comedy Central and the South Park creators.

Well i'm not sure if this was reported on AN's forums,but I think you guys should check this out. Its a follow up on the south park situation.

Operator of radical Muslim site to plead guilty

In the story it turns out according to the defendent's lawyer of an operator for the site..this guy actually at one time went to japan and was inspired by japanese animation(anime).

Just unbeliveable. Who would have thought.

Now this is also sad when you consider the fact that the creators of SP..we're also inspired by anime.

So there you go. You learn something new everyday.

Comments on the story anyone?
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