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I'll try doing comics again.
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Alpha Flight

Posted February 10th, 2012 at 11:00 PM by old hat
Updated March 18th, 2012 at 10:36 PM by old hat

Canada's Premier Super Hero Team. Does this title count as anti-Canadian humor?

Anyway, I read the first couple of issues when this started and then shelved it. I thought, "I will read it when it is all out and review it then". Well, it's all out. So it's time to review

wrong picture

The 8+.1 issue Alpha Flight limited series.

It starts out with a Fear Itself tie-in because...I don't know why really. It has almost nothing to do with anything but it's in there. After that is over, we find out that the new Canadian government is following the fine tradition of crazy facist Canadian governments in the Marvel Universe and has declared Alpha Flight traitors and set up concentration camps for dissidents. People are being subjected to some brainwashing process called Unity and things are bad. Alpha Flight has been declared traitors. Wolverine has a guest star appearance even though he has nothing to do with anything and plays no part on the story at all. Oh, Canada!

This title succeeded in meeting my expectations. Unfortunately. It is a mess. The story is just plain stupid. The basic premise is ridiculous. The way the plot proceeds is ridiculous. The character interactions are strained and artificial. The banter is weak. The art is forgettable. The resolution is lame. The reveal is lame. The real villain has never been anything but lame. This series is just plain bad. The only bright spot is the new incaration of Marrina.

She's a fun, funny and cool character but her moments are few and far between. I would read a solo title if she had one but she couldn't save this mess.

Alpha Flight has returned from the dead only to fall flat on their faces.
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