End of AnimeNation Collection


This morning I acquired practically the last remaining items from the AnimeNation store collection (excluding the items remaining in Gene’s personal collection). These items are transferring into my archival collection.

However, if anyone local is intrigued, I will be selling some of the excess AnimeNation collection and some of my personal excess at the Clearwater, Florida, Necronomicon convention two weeks from now. I’ll have a lot of heavily discounted bishoujo figures from the late 90s and early 2000s (Evangelion, Love Hina, Full Metal Panic, Ikkitousen, ToHeart, etc.), a variety of Japanese “H” doujinshi, and a few rare domestic DVDs (Dunbine vol. 11, ARIEL, Madox-01, Hellsing R3 ltd. ed. with replica guns, etc.) I’ll also be willing to trade, so if you’re local and have anime items you don’t want any more, bring ‘um by. I’ll be easy to find in the dealers’ room.

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