Disney Shelves Costly Cartoon Feature

Disney has ceased continuing production on its latest computer animation film Wild Life. According to early reports Disney Vice Chairman Roy Disney canned the film after concluding that the film had “an inappropriate adult sensibility” for a Disney film, including “sexual innuendo” and a “gay-friendly” tone. According to a new report from Inside Magazine it was Disney animation chief Tom Schumacher that pulled the plug on the production, citing a weak story. Schumacher claims that the production has not cost Disney as much as the reported 20 million dollars spent on the project so far, but has not revealed the true cost of the production. Schumacher agreed that the work-in-progress did contain elements that were too mature for a Disney label film, but continued to say that these elements could have been later edited out, or the film, if completed, could have been released under the Touchstone banner.

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