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Time Travel Girl

As soon as the Deadpool movie broke box office records, pundits began predicting Hollywood’s kneejerk reaction. Producer Roy Lee announcing that the prospective American Death
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More Rainbows

There it is again! How can someone possibly have violet pupils with aqua highlights?
“A rainbow in your eyes” isn’t supposed to be literal.
The critique, “The book was better” is cliche because it’s typically true. While novels lack visual motion and color, and lack a soundtrack, prose is
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Sailor Ranma Strikes

I love collecting anime esoterica, especially American historical items, so I was a bit giddy to discover this forgotten American doujinshi while browsing a local
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Visiting Tokyo

T-minus three months and counting. Probably.
Why wait for Christmas gifts next month when a gift box of geeky goods can arrive every month? The nifty Powered Geek Box starts at
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