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Beyblade is a Sport?

I’m amused by Beyblade Burst God’s halfhearted effort to propose that playing with spinning tops is a genuine athletic sport rather than a hobby.
DC Comics has released a preview image of this week’s new Flash Rebirth issue 16 comic book. Artist Carmine Di Giandomenico’s illustration looks a bit
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Akibas Tripping

A scene in this week’s third episode of Akiba’s Trip occurs at the Schatzkiste maid café. Neat! I’ve eaten lunch there once.
I was reorganizing part of my collection today when I was struck by the uncertainty, “How and when did I end up with two copies
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Is Anime Getting Too Redundant?

The first episode of Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars aired on the 7th. The first episode of Qualidea Code aired two days later.