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Gomera Teaser

CG anime studio IDA, the studio behind Cat Shit One: The Animation, has released an original teaser for the tentative alien invasion monster anime Gomera.
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Sinitus Tempo’s Soul Eater EP Out

Musician Sinitus Tempo has completed his latest anime tribute alubm, the Soul Eater EP. The entire album is available to sample and purchase online.
This short animation created by students at the Communication University of China last year is a lot of fun, and there’s a brief moment about
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Godaizer Teaser Trailer

Independent animator Hillary Yeo has released a full trailer for the nearly complete animated short film Godaizer. Anime fans should definitely appreciate this. Source: Twitch
Polish animation studio Platige Image has released an impressive trailer for director Damian Nenow’s forthcoming short film Paths of Hate. Source: Twitch
Musician Sinitus Tempo has released his Samurai Champloo & Nujabes tribute album “Born Legends EP” for free online streaming and download.
CG animator IKEDA has just released an impressive mecha action music video for the Vocaloid Megurine Luka song “Corruption Garden.” Source: Rakugakidou
Earlier this week Shogun Gamer revealed 39 seconds of a supposed test screening of a live action Pokemon motion picture. In the ensuing hours and
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Gears of War Goes Eastern

Jerry O’Flaherty, art and cinematics director for the Gears of War video game franchise, has revealed his plans to develop a feature film titled “Samurai.”
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Mutants, Ninjas, and Aliens

Twitch now hosts an official English subtitled trailer for the upcoming Japanese live action sci-fi/historical action movie Alien Versus Ninja and the previously unreleased “splatter”
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