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Momoneko Ondo

The homepage for the Tamayura ~hitotose~ anime franchise has added a “Momoneko Ondo” video to teach viewers the choreography of the “momoneko-sama” traditional Ondo dance
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One Small Dish for Mankind

Check out French student animator Onectin’s amusing original animated short “Un petit plat pour l’homme” (a pun on the French translation of Neil Amstrong’s “That’s
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Supipara Opening Online

Game developer minori has released the lovely opening animation sequence for its upcoming second Supipara visual novel game, Supipara ~ Alice the Magical Conductor Story
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Mind Meet Blown

If you can overlook the poor audio and degraded multi-generational video, this fan created anime short from 1994 may be the single most amazingly detailed
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Otaku Madness

French otaku and amateur film maker Claudio “Kaio” Osvaldini has created a five-minute short film titled “Otaku Madness” about an overzealous anime fanatic. Enjoy.
From Hobo With A Shotgun director Jason Eisener: Source: Twitch
Independent animator Jesús Orellana’s cyberpunk short film Rosa is now online in its ten-minute entirity. Although the short has nothing to do with anime, most
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Rain Town Released

Independent animator Hiroyasu Ishida has released his ten minute anime short film “rain town.” Ishida and fellow Kyoto Seika University student Shogo Yoshida spent two
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Perfect Swan?

See for yourself. Article provided by Daniel Zelter
Spanish animator Jesus Orellana has completed his 8 minute cyberpunk animated short film ROSA and released its first teaser trailer. Say what you will about
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