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Tokyo Revisited Day 9

Yoshinoya may be the native Japanese equivalent to McDonalds – cheap, blue-collar, omnipresent – but I happen to highly enjoy the taste of the standard,
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Tokyo Revisited Day 7

Jon is an investor in a fairly new, promising Tokyo restaurant named Devil Craft. He’d mentioned that the restaurant would be celebrating its premiere of
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Tokyo Revisited Day 3

The weather forecast predicted at 90% chance of heavy rain, so the covered and indoor mall Nakano Broadway suggested itself as a more practical destination
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Taiji Dead at 45

Former X Japan and Loudness bass player Taiji Sawada passed away at age 45 on Saturday, July 17. Reportedly, Taiji was involved in an “incident”
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GACKT in Bunraku

Popular Japanese vocalist GACKT makes his English language acting debut in director Guy Moshe’s upcoming action/fantasy film Bunraku. The samurai western starring Gackt, Josh Hartnett,
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8.9 Earthquake & Tsunami Hit Japan

Our sincere sympathies and best wishes go out to everyone impacted by the tremendous earthquake and subsequent flooding that ravaged Japan several hours ago.
The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the prevelance of high-tech bidet toilets in Japan.