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Yamcha Flash?

DC Comics has released a preview image of this week’s new Flash Rebirth issue 16 comic book. Artist Carmine Di Giandomenico’s illustration looks
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So Close Yet So Far

Director Rupert Sanders’ live-action Ghost in the Shell movie clearly draws visual and narrative inspiration from both Mamoru Oshii & Kazuchika Kise’s Ghost
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GitS BTS from ET

The glimpses we’re getting of this work-in-progress film continue to suggest a lot of very faithful adaptation from Mamoru Oshii’s classic 1995 film.
Anime production studio J.C. Staff has released a promotional video commemorating its 30th anniversary. The studio was founded by Tomoyuki Miyata in January
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Netflix Blame Teaser

Is it just my limited exposure to Tsutomi Nihei’s Blame, or does the story just really not make any comprehensible sense at all?
Toledo, Ohio’s annual Glass City Con has invited me to return this year as a guest presenter. This year I’ll be hosting four
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