ufotable Clarifies its New Fate/stay night Anime

Animation studio ufotable has confirmed that its upcoming Fate/stay night television series will adapt the 2004 PC game’s “Unlimited Blade Works” story arc that was previously adapted into a 2010 anime film by Studio DEEN. The first half of the new Fate/stay night television series will premiere on October 4. Its second half will premiere in April 2015.

Furthermore, ufotable is also developing a Fate/stay night feature film adapting the game’s “Heaven’s Feel” storyline that was not adapted by the 2006 television series or 2010 feature film.

I understand that Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night is like Japan’s Harry Potter or Star Wars – a native classic of contemporary fantasy literature – but I’m personally gettin’ really burnt out on Fate adaptations.

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