Heading to Tokyo


I’ll be leaving this Saturday morning on a two-week vacation to Tokyo. The last time I was there was in 2007. Plenty of folks expect that visiting another country should entail visiting cultural and historical sights. I believe that vacations are meant for enjoyment, so I intend to strictly do what I enjoy, which is geek out at anime shops, arcades, anime museums, and so forth. I’m very familiar with Nakano Broadway, the Shibuya Mandarake store, and Akihabara’s Chuo Dori (to a lesser degree the surrounding streets). So if any of you considerate readers are aware of other off-the-beaten-path anime shops, please inform me. For example, this time around I’m eager to find the Gojiraya shop in the Koenji ward.

Especially if anyone knows of any shops that specialize in old trading cards, let me know. My Dancing Blade Seal Collection is still two cards short of a complete set. Bothers the hell out of me.

Beginning this weekend, periodically check AnimeNation’s Facebook page for my photo album updates.

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