DiscoTek Acquires Hols & Sherlock Hound


DiscoTek has announced its acquisition of domestic home video rights to Isao Takahata’s directiorial debut, the 1968 fantasy film Taiyo no Ouji: Hols no Daibouken (Hols, Prince of the Sun). DiscoTek will release the film this December.

DiscoTek has also license rescued Geneon’s 2002 domestic DVD release of director Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 television series Meitantei Holmes. The complete 26-episode series will be re-released in a single bilingual collection on September 30.

Will be nice to have both of these titles on official American DVD. The original domestic DVD release of “Sherlock Hound” is one of the most rare and valuable of all American anime DVD releases.


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