FUNi Reveals New Licenses & Bandai Rescues

FUNimation has formally announced its acquisition of domestic distribution rights to the current Code Geass: Akito the Exiled OVA series and the remainder of the 175-episode Fairy Tail television series.

FUNimation has also secured the domestic re-release rights to a selection of titles previously distributed on domestic DVD by Bandai Entertainment: Angel Links, Code Geass seasons 1 & 2, Cowboy Bebop, all of the Crest of the Stars anime previously distributed by Bandai Ent., Escaflowne TV series & movie, all of the My Hime/Otome franchise previously distributed by Bandai, Outlaw Star, Tales of the Abyss, and Witch Hunter Robin.

Source: Anime News Network


4 Responses to “FUNi Reveals New Licenses & Bandai Rescues”

  1. WWAanimefan Says:

    With all these titles Funimation and Sentai are rescuing lately, I wonder if either will dare to try for the “white elephant” of the Bandai collection: Gundam.

  2. GATS Says:

    WWA: Depends on which Gundam, and how much Sunrise is asking for it.

  3. Luscinia Hafez Says:

    My reaction to FUNi rescuing old Bandai shows:

  4. 6_Sacred_Fists Says:

    Hopefully this means we will get a BD release of Escaflowne TV.

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