Why Hasn’t Anyone Made This Yet?

Envision this: a mysterious wandering network security specialist with a terribly scarred face. When no one else can figure out how to stop a DDoS attack, or correctly network a complex router connection, trace a spoofed IP, or even just align a web image to look consistent across multiple browsers, he can do it. He’s Black Hat, the programmer with the skills of God but no MCSE certification or any other degrees or credentials.


4 Responses to “Why Hasn’t Anyone Made This Yet?”

  1. WWAanimefan Says:

    On the American side, the last films about hackers were WarGames (with a young Matthew Broderick) and Hackers (co-starring a young Angelina Jolie). Both have been largely forgotten. As for the Japanese side, I am willing to say that could be filed under “Only a matter of time.” If they can do a slice-of-life about students in a data processing club, it would not be much longer to connect the dots to something like what you propose.

  2. GATS Says:

    Except for the scarring, Bloody Monday is sort of like that.

  3. John Says:

    No offense intended, but did anyone notice that my idea is an homage to Tezuka’s Black Jack?

  4. PockyBox.com Says:

    Totally got the Black Jack love.

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