Toonami Coming Back

The Adult Swim network has announced plans to resurrect its popular Toonami programming block. Beginning May 26, the Toonami programming block will broadcast from midnight to six AM on Saturday nights. The programming slot will re-rbroadcast previous Toonami titles and premiere “new original anime programming.”

The Cartoon Network launched the Toonami programming block in 1997, eventually ending it in 2008. The programming block was designed as a home for anime programming, thus the Asian storm front pun title “Toonami,” including Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Trigun, .hack//SIGN, One Piece, Prince of Tennis, Sailor Moon, and much more.

Not that I watch dubbed anime anyway, but I’m hesitantly, fearfully anxious to learn what “new original anime programming” really means. Will that be Japanese co-productions like The Big O and Afro Samurai, or “anime style” titles like Teen Titans & Totally Spies?

Source: The Futon Critic


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  1. Aaron B. Says:

    Yeah, “new original anime” sounds unnecessarily convoluted, and perhaps even a bit redundant. If anything had ever fallen into that complicated pseudo-category of programming, it would have been IMMORTAL GRAND PRIX, which I thought was kind of fun (at least it had a cool OP sequence, right?), or like you suggest, AFRO SAMURAI.

    All in all, I’m on the wait-and-see bandwagon at the back of the trail. If you want to show me some “new and original” anime freshly imported, which fits a new programming mandate, then fine, go ahead. But if you plan to keep showing me reruns of TENCHI UNIVERSE, screw you.

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