FUNimation to Released DBZ on BD

FUNimation has announced plans to release the 1989 Dragon Ball Z anime television series on domestic Blu-ray disc. Dallas-based ANDTRANSFER is remastering the animation footage in 1080p resolution frame-by-frame from Japanese 16mm source footage. “Our purpose was to restore the series as accurately as possible, to what it must have been like to see it when it was originally mastered, and preserve the charm of the animation,” says FUNimation CEO Gen Fukunaga. The bilingual domestic Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1 BD will be released on November 8.

ANDTRANSFER is the company that produced FUNimation’s “restored” remaster contained on the “orange brick” DVD sets.


3 Responses to “FUNimation to Released DBZ on BD”

  1. JohnBlack Says:

    This is what they said during every re-release of DBZ. Now after this BD release watch Funi announce an uncut DBZ on BD release. The’re really milking this cow to its extreme

  2. Aaron B. Says:

    Yeah, the comment I left on FUNi’s site was of a similar mind: DBZ has been on western store shelves for some 13 years. The time to euthanize is now.

    I appreciated the boxed set releases of the original DRAGONBALL series, but other than that, I was burned out several years ago.

  3. FUNimation to Released DBZ on BD | ItAniManga Says:

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