Hatsune Miku Drives Into America

The American branch of Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyoto has launched a promotional campaign for the 2011 model Corolla labeling it, “The official car of Hatsune Miku.”

For many, many years I’ve hoped and wished for anime to get big in America. But I never, ever even dreamed that anything like this could or would ever happen. I’m speechless.

Source: Anime News Network


3 Responses to “Hatsune Miku Drives Into America”

  1. gtmacc Says:

    Very cool, would never of thought you would see anything like this on american tv.

    Now if only Hatsune Miku would go tour outside of Japan that would be awesome :).

  2. Aaron B. Says:

    I don’t think she’s old enough to drive… is she?

  3. PockyBox.com Says:

    Holy crap, this is amazing! Almost makes me want to pick up a Corlla myself. If there was an artwork option, my fate would be sealed.

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