Dubbing Gaining Popularity in Japan

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that an increasing percentage of Japanese teen moviegoers prefer Hollywood movies dubbed in Japanese instead of subtitled. Reportedly, Hollywood films targeted at older viewers, or likely to appeal primarily to older Japanese viewers, are typically still distributed theatrically in Japan in original English language with Japanese subtitles. But Japanese teen audiences reportedly are increasingly considering subtitled movies “too much trouble” to watch.

Article provided by Daniel Zelter


3 Responses to “Dubbing Gaining Popularity in Japan”

  1. GATS Says:

    Is it really that much trouble to grok “Dances with Smurfs”, though?

  2. Yuki Says:

    Thats right! Dub is better. Anime dubs too ;P

  3. Dubbing Or Subtitles? Take Your Pick! | Kotaku Australia Says:

    […] article in The Hollywood Reporter (via AnimeNation) points out that film-wise, many younger Japanese prefer subtitles. However, the poor localisation […]

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