Sleeping With Hinako Site Launched


The official website for the Isshoni Sleeping ~ Sleeping With Hinako OVA is now online. The sequel to the April 2009 Isshoni Training OVA will allow viewers to watch Japanese teen girl magically turned anime character Hinako prepare for bed, sleep, and wake up. The OVA will hit DVD and Blu-ray this Thursday.


2 Responses to “Sleeping With Hinako Site Launched”

  1. Erik J Awesome Says:

    Honestly, I can’t picture this to be too exciting…

  2. boxmyth Says:

    Wonder if this will be real-time like 24…
    “Watch Hinako get 8-straight hours of restful REM sleep! Witness her breathe in, and out, and back in again! Will her deviated septum cause her to snore louder than you?!?”

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