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China Copying Macross?


Animation fans across Asia have been quick to notice that the upcoming Chinese animated series Astro Plan bears a striking resemblance to Macross.

(or Macross and Gundam Seed)




Evidently China isn’t the only country to have copied Macross.


Source: Rakugakidou


15 Responses to “China Copying Macross?”

  1. kampfer Says:

    I’ve never perceived China as giving a damn about copyright infringement, so I’m not surprised. I would be willing to forgive the resemblances to White Base/Archangel, but the transforming plane robots are a direct rip.

  2. kyouki Says:

    Take last years best anime and them put it a name nobody would like, add fugly characters and BRAVO, you get next chinese hit…

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  5. craigj Says:

    China has the whole world to steal from. Why does it look like they got the character designs from one of our “How to Drawing teh Mangas” books?

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