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Why Anime is Better Than Cartoons


Anime on DVD founder Chris Beveridge has published an article identifying 9 Reasons Why Anime Is Superior to Western Animation.

I see a lot of angry, reactionary opposition to Beveridge’s assertions, but no cited specific evidence supporting the contrary opinion.

Article provided by Jon Hertzog


5 Responses to “Why Anime is Better Than Cartoons”

  1. GATS Says:

    Every time I say the same shit on ANN, Keonyn threatens to ban me, so it’s nice that I’m not the only one who feels that way. [Ironically, ANN also uploaded an interview with Tomino where he was bad-mouthing our entertainment, too.] I’m still hoping that new Heavy Metal will finally shift the paradigm in favor of Western animation, but yeah, I’m getting tired of this shitty mix of talking animals, Grimm adaptations, and Hot Topic-oriented cartoons. I’d like cartoons I can enjoy, too. Seriously, when live-action Hollywood movies start copying scenes from anime[*cough* Arrow thing in 300 from VHD: Bloodust and forest god thing in Hellboy 2 from Princess Mononoke *cough*], you know how far ahead of the curve the latter productions are, compared to our animation. [In fact, people are already comparing Nolan’s Inception to Paprika, though I thought he was an anime fan when he borrowed the rail scene from the Bebop movie and the car high-way chase scene from the Utena movie for Batman Begins.]

    And the success of The Boondocks, The Simpsons, South Park, and Beavis and Butthead, not to mention Ralph Bakshi, have proven that you can target older audiences and be profitable. Hell, the stuff which is aimed at kids ends up costing so much to produce that it doesn’t always break even, anyway. And it’s sad that the it’s considered revolutionary for the female lead in an American cartoon to be black, when Japan already did black characters with Afro Samurai and Tokyo Tribes a few years ago. [Not to mention supporting characters for at least a decade.] Of course, Japan’s slowly killing its medium with its over-reliance on emo teen characters and little girls playing dress-up, too, so…

  2. Aaron H. Bynum Says:

    I don’t think this is all that easy of a debate to tackle given how much the social, economic, cultural, and creative context differs between Japan and the United States when it comes to animation production.

    Yes, Japan has an animation community with substantially deeper storytelling for television audiences and an incredibly lucrative merchandising market… but it’s impossibly over-saturated and stocked with insufficient derivatives season after season. Yes, the United States has a stifling TV development process that is notoriously slow… but if you can make it here, you’ve got proven clout the world over.

    Both markets have their strengths and weaknesses: Japanese animators make the least of any nation and their creative process is incredibly insular… but as we have all seen, anime keeps surprising us year after year. The business of U.S. animation is trend-based and focus group dependent… but cartoons in America have history.

    The animation industry in the UK, France, Canada, Spain, and South Korea, and other territories similarly boast these and other high and low points (such as government funding, development of student animators, and integration of animation into the daily viewing habits of both children and adults).

  3. Yuki Says:

    ‘Opinion’. Every bodies got one.

  4. chise Says:

    Well said. It could be no kore obvious why anime is better. While US cartoons are directed to kids that are thought to be non-thinking rational individuals yet you get retarded cartoons with all due respect, at least nowadays cartoon, US cartoons of days pasts were good but todays…

    On the contrary anime does not discriminate by age and any indivuidual of any age, children included are treated with respect as intelligent rational individuals that is why even series aimed at a younger audience feel like too much for the western audices -mainly the US with all due respect- since anime does not feel the necessity to “ban” censor” what the US may consider controvertial or not suitable for kids. Anime simple consider even kid are intelligent beings capable of understading certain situations.

    This is a very clear example of the narrow-minded perspective of the US, there ignorance and censorship is better than the effort from parents and teachers to educate children and actually explain things to them, but no why bother, better just hide the reality and truth of things from them. They will live better and more happy right…

  5. ~ Elfen Lied ~ (dub) | SwiftAnime Says:

    […] AnimeNation Anime News Blog » Blog Archive » Why Anime is Better … […]

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