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Upcoming Anime Footage Available


The homepage of the Locarno International Film Festival now hosts streaming video samples from First Squad, Redline, and Summer Wars.

The film festival’s page for Madhouse & director Takeshi Koike’s (Trava: Fist Planet, “World Record” from The Animatrix) sci-fi racing anime movie Redline includes an amazing 63 second scene under the “EXTRA” tab. The long delayed film had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival earlier this month.

The page for Studio 4°C & Molot Entertainment’s First Squad: The Moment of Truth includes the film’s opening sequence, with English subtitles, under the “EXTRA” tab.

The page for Summer Wars, the latest feature from Madhouse and director Mamoru Hosoda (Girl Who Leapt Through Time), offers the film’s 2:35 opening with English subtitles under the “EXTRA” tab.

Source: Catsuka


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