2008 Blockbusters Revealed

Curious to know what other anime fans are collecting? Here’s our best selling mainstream and adult anime DVDs of the year so far. See what sells. Find out what other fans consider worth their funds.

Anime DVD
01. Cowboy Bebop Remix Complete Collection
America just can’t get enough of those crazy space cowboys. One of the best anime series ever earns its position as our best selling DVD release of the year. The Cowboy Bebop Remix DVD Complete Collection delivers all 26 episodes complete with remastered 5.1 audio, perfect for grooving to the show’s amazing soundtrack.

02. FLCL Ultimate Edition
Just like Cowboy Bebop is a one-of-a-kind sci-fi action adventure, there’s no other comedy quite like FLCL, and the extras-packed Ultimate Edition is the ideal way to own this especially fun show.

03. Slayers TV season sets
Like a fine wine getting better with age, Slayers is more popular now than ever before! Slayers Next, the second season, slightly edges out Slayers and Slayers Try in sales, but all three seasons are among our most popular sellers.

04. Full Metal Panic! Second Raid Complete Collection
Few sequels outshine their predecessors, but the Full Metal Panic Second Raid Complete Series delivers even more intense action, absorbing drama, and exceptional animation than the original.

05. Ah! My Goddess 2 volume 6: Love Will Keep Us Together
The final volume of the Ah! My Goddess television series keeps getting togther with fans that can’t get enough of the sweet and sometimes silly daily lives of a boy and his goddess.

06. Martian Successor Nadesico Perfect Collection
As Ruri says, you’d have to be a “baka” to overlook the satirical sci-fi epic Nadesico, now available in a thinpack free of the digital overlays imposed on the original edited American release.

07. Outlaw Star Anime Legends Complete Collection
Maybe it’s nostalgia for its early Cartoon Network broadcast, or maybe it’s just because the Outlaw Star series is a rockin’ sci-fi action show that fans continue to make this one of our fastest sellers.

08. Eureka Seven volume 11
The complex twists and turns of the acclaimed Eureka Seven plot gracefully intersect in the penultimate volume of this under-appreciated gem.

09. Gundam Seed Destiny volume 12
Fans can’t resist seeing how the epic Gundam Seed story wraps up in this final volume of the saga.

10. Sorcerer Hunters Complete Collection
The fantasy fun of Sorcerer Hunters has cast its spell over AnimeNation customers, making the complete TV and OVA series thinpack one of our most popular items.

Adult Anime DVD
01. Night When Evil Falls
Honestly, is it really any surprise that Night When Evil Falls volume 1 has been our most popular H anime DVD of the year? It’s more fun than Urotsukidoji or Cambrian, and not as gruesome as Sexy Magical Girl Ai. With plenty of cute, gothic gals and plenty of tentacle titilation, it’s got just the right amount of thrills and fantastic fantasy. Volume 2 and volume 3 wrap up the story.

02. Invisible Stud
If you’re a guy and you’ve never imagined the lusty fun of being an invisible man, you’re not being honest with yourself. How can any adult anime fan not be interested in the erotic adventures of an Invisible Stud?

02. Taboo Charming Mother
Tied with the Invisible Stud for sales is the saga of the family that stays together by laying together. Every kind of kinky sex gets screentime in this incestuous story of a housewife in lust with her own son. Volume 1 starts off a little slow, but volume 2 and volume 3 heat up the story. Volume 4 adds an aunt to the mix while volume 5 and volume 6 bring the series to a stunning climax.

04. Hentaipalooza volume 1
The only thing better than a bargain is a hentai bargain! Hentaipalooza volume 1 delivers two episodes of otaku eroticism in Akiba Girls episodes 1 & 2, and supernatural ninja intercourse in Immorality parts 1 & 2.

05. It’s a Family Affair
It looks like sisters are almost as sexy as mothers since It’s a Family Affair volume 1 and volume 2 rank just behind Taboo Charming Mother on the popularity scale.

06. All Sex Hentai
Let’s face it. Hentai offers up all the fun of sex without the hassles of actual interpersonal relationships. All Sex Hentai volume 1 & volume 2 offer up all the sex without all that unnecessary story.

07. Bible Black
Maybe the Bible Black series doesn’t rank higher because so many collectors already have it. If any adult anime series deserves to be in every collection, Bible Black is the one. Bible Black introduces the story that continues in Second Sacrament and Revelations. Bible Black Origins reveals the events that occured ten years prior to the story while Bible Black New Testament First Scripture and Second Sacrament continue the story years later. Bible Black Only offers up only amazing new sex scenes.

08. After Class Lesson
This hot and hardcore series may not have a high profile, but obviously our customers know how to pick high quality erotica. The popular After Class Lesson DVD Collection adds up to extra credit in schoolgirl erotica!

09. Boobalicious
How can you go wrong with a name like Boobalicious? It tells you exactly what to expect in volume 1 & volume 2, and it lives up to its billing!

10. Harumi’s Bad Play
Harumi’s play may be bad, but plenty of our customers seem to enjoy discovering exactly what she is good at! It sure seems like Harumi’s Bad Play is still worth the price of admission.


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