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FUNimation Schedules Initial Geneon Re-Releases

FUNimation has announced release dates for its initial slate of former Geneon titles.

Black Lagoon season one and Second Barrage volume 1 and Elemental Gelade volume 1 will hit shelves on August 19.

Karin volumes 1-4 and Kyo Kara Maoh season 2 volumes 1-7 will hit on September 2.

A Shakugan no Shana complete boxed set retailing at $69.98 will debut on September 16.

Black Lagoon Second Barrage volume 2, a Fate/stay night boxed set, Hellsing Ultimate volumes 1-4 in regular and limited editions, and a $49.98 Rozen Maiden boxed set will debut on September 16.

Kamichu and Paradise Kiss complete sets will be released on September 23 at $49.98 each.

When They Cry volumes 1-4 will be re-released on September 30.


5 Responses to “FUNimation Schedules Initial Geneon Re-Releases”

  1. FUNimation: Termine für Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage und Hellsing Ultimate | Affenheimtheater Says:

    […] es nicht allzu wild wird im Regal. Die Veröffentlichungstermine der anderen Serien gibt es hier zu lesen. Tags: Anime, Black Lagoon, DVD, FUNimation, Hellsing Ultimate, Japan, […]

  2. bluespire1 Says:

    This is good news the “Monopolists” at Funimation appear to be doing a good thing finally.
    Although I do not need a Rozen Maiden box ($49.98 Rozen Maiden boxed set will debut on September 16.)I just need the final 2 DVD”s and that’s it

  3. joechummer Says:

    I’m assuming the Rozen Maiden box set will only have the four extant English version volumes in it (3 of RM and 1 of RM:Traumend), or will it include to two volumes of Traumend that Geneon did not get a chance to release in North America? Or will it just be the 12 episodes of the first season?

    In my opinion, it seems rather silly and misleading to produce a box set for an as-of-yet-unfinished series. Box sets by nature imply some sense of completion.

    If this box set is indeed only the first 3 volumes/12 episodes, $49.98 seems a little steep to me.

  4. Says:

    RE: joechummer

    Frankly, I’m overjoyed Funimation is releasing any of Geneon’s titles, especially Karin and When They Cry, so we should all appreciate that much. The annouced price is rarely what you’ll pay as long as you look around a little (or purchase off of Anime Nation), so that fear isn’t really justified.

    While I’ll probably not pay the $50 right away, considering new DVD releases were (and still are in some places) $28-$30, $50 or less than $17 a disc doesn’t seem so bad. While we’ve all become spoiled with the vast amounts of cheap anime available (myself included), paying $50 for something that could have cost $90 isn’t too bad.

    Or they could cancel the release and you’d have to pay $84 plus shipping for the used, out of print DVDs on Amazon.

  5. tutti i film Says:

    tutti i film…

    […]AnimeNation Anime News Blog » Blog Archive » FUNimation Schedules Initial Geneon Re-Releases[…]…

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