FUNimation Schedules Initial Geneon Re-Releases

FUNimation has announced release dates for its initial slate of former Geneon titles.

Black Lagoon season one and Second Barrage volume 1 and Elemental Gelade volume 1 will hit shelves on August 19.

Karin volumes 1-4 and Kyo Kara Maoh season 2 volumes 1-7 will hit on September 2.

A Shakugan no Shana complete boxed set retailing at $69.98 will debut on September 16.

Black Lagoon Second Barrage volume 2, a Fate/stay night boxed set, Hellsing Ultimate volumes 1-4 in regular and limited editions, and a $49.98 Rozen Maiden boxed set will debut on September 16.

Kamichu and Paradise Kiss complete sets will be released on September 23 at $49.98 each.

When They Cry volumes 1-4 will be re-released on September 30.


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