FUNimation Announces New Titles

FUNimation Announces New Titles

FUNimation has formally revealed its acquisition of translation and distribution rights to the 13 episode 2006 sci-fi mecha action anime television series Soukou no Strain, and Shigurui, the adult oriented 12 episode samurai action/drama television series broadcast in Japan last year.

Strain, animated by Studio Fantasia (Stratos 4, Crystal Blaze), will be released domestically in March 2009 as a complete series set under the title “Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry.”

Details regarding the American DVD release of Madhouse’s gruesome and explicit samurai drama, to be titled, “Shigurui: Death Frenzy” for its American release, will be forthcoming.

Wow! Shigurui is a surprising license for FUNimation because it will be their most adult oriented title by a long margin. Baki the Grappler is pretty brutal, but it’s got nothing on the gory violence, explicit sexuality, and grim tone of Shigurui.

Source: Anime on DVD

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