Ask John: Why Hasn’t the Pita-Ten Anime Been Released in America?

I was wondering if you knew when Pita-Ten the anime will come out in America or if it ever will come out here. If not, could you please explain why it wouldn’t come out here in the States.

Based on the licensing fees AN Entertainment was quoted when we negotiated for distribution rights to the Pita-Ten anime TV series, the Japanese licensor simply expects too much for the show for it to be a profitable American release. Pita-Ten is a very cute show targeted primarily at young female viewers. There may be some male viewers that enjoy it, but it’s far too effeminate to appeal to typical male fans of the action/mecha/adventure genres. And ironically, in our experience with Risky Safety, American female anime fans don’t typically like anime that’s too “cute.” The domestic failure of the cute and romantic anime series I’m Gonna Be An Angel provides evidence that there’s just not much interest from American fans in buying adorably cute anime like Pita-Ten.

However, Pita-Ten was quite popular and successful in Japan, so its Japanese licensor naturally expects a commensurate premium licensing fee for it. Expensive licensing fees plus localization costs, combined with very limited American commercial potential, almost guarantee that bringing Pita-Ten to America would result in a major financial loss. There may be one or more domestic licensors willing to take a risk with the Pita-Ten anime, but regrettably AN Entertainment just can’t afford that large of a financial gamble. It may be that other domestic licensors are also familiar with the licensing fee demanded for the Pita-Ten anime and have come to the similar conclusion that at its cost, the Pita-Ten anime just isn’t a viable American release.


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