AD Vision Announces New DVD Titles

AD Vision has scheduled a number of new title releases for March.

Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku TV series DVD volume 1 will contain 4 episodes and retail at $29.98 beginning March 2nd.

Wedding Peach DVD volume 1 will contain 6 episodes and retail at $29.98 or $39.98 with collector’s box beginning on March 9th.

Once Upon A Time (Windaria) will hit DVD on March 16th at a retail price of $14.98. Seemingly the DVD will include only the English & Spanish dubbed, slightly edited version of the film produced by Streamline Pictures.

The Slayers Excellent DVD will contain all 3 second series Slayers OAVs at a retail price of $24.98 beginning on March 30th.

Source: Anime on DVD


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