Ask John: Will There be More G-Gundam?

Will G Gundam have a sequel? When the series ended it said “See You Again.” There should be a sequel since I heard it was a hit series in Japan and now in America it has gotten good ratings on Cartoon Network.

The 49 episode G-Gundam TV series concluded on Japanese television on March 31, 1995. At the time it was a very successful series on Japanese television in part because it was the first Gundam animation to be set outside the traditional UC continuity. It was different from all of the Gundam animation that had been available for the previous 13 years prior to its 1994 debut. Since G-Gundam ended, there have been 4 new Gundam TV series released in Japan, and more than a half dozen new OAV series and theatrical movies. While the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has never been one to exclude sequels or revisionist re-releases, the odds of more G-Gundam being produced are relatively slim. Regardless of how popular the series may be in America, the American market for Gundam will never be as big or as profitable as the Japanese market, and the Japanese market has clearly moved past and forgotten about G-Gundam over the past 7 years. There’s always a possibility that any given Gundam title may be revived in the future, but I think the odds are stacked against this happening with G-Gundam.


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