Anime Expo confirms new Guests

Anime Expo, scheduled for the July 4th weekend in Long Beach, California, has confirmed a number of new Japanese guests of honor:

Maria Kawamura, the voice of Naga from Slayers, Quess in Char’s Counterattack, and Lachesis of the Five Star Stories movie among many others.

Hidenori Matsubara, animation director and character designer for the Ah! Megami-sama and Sakura Taisen anime, and more.

Mamiko Noto, voice actress of Kotori in the X TV series, Yoshiko of Tenchi Muyo! GXP, and numerous other characters.

Hiroaki Goda, director of all of the A!MG anime and Onegai Teacher character designer.

Toshiharu Murata, character designer on Hellsing, Eat-Man and Blue No. 6 among other positions.

Tsukasa Hojo, creator of City Hunter and Cat’s Eye.

Article provided by “Spirit of Gai”


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