A New Player in the Field

NuTech Digital, manufacturer of several DVD titles for Central Park Media and Right Stuf, including Tokyo Babylon, Cyber City, La Blue Girl and Imma Youjo, has announced that they will be entering the domestic anime market with the license to several existing hentai anime series and all forthcoming Pink Pineapple releases. NuTech currently has plans for American bilingual DVD releases of several excellent hentai series including Welcome to Pia Carrot, Blackmail (Kyuohaku), Inmu, Koihime, Desert Island Story (Mujintoh Monogatari series 1 & 2), Shyusaku and Shyusaku Replay, and Angels in the Court. The DVD versions will include subtitles and dubbing performed by adult video industry stars including Asia Carrera and Rayveness. The DVDs will be released individually and as boxed sets.


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