Ask John: Is There More Phantom Quest Corps?

I have a question about the Phantom Quest Corp. I just got finished watching two VHS videos with about 4 episodes. I really enjoyed the show and just love it to death. I cannot seem to find anymore info if there was more. I would greatly appreciate it if you could enlighten me and let me now if there was.

According to Hitoshi Doi’s archive, there was a limited edition “File 0” VHS tape of Yougen Kaisha released in Japan in July of 1994, but that tape was little more than a promotional item and not an actual OAV episode. Only four Yougen Kaisha OAVs were ever created. If you enjoyed the style of Yougen Kaisha, you may want to try to hunt down the series that it was based on. There’s little doubt in my mind that Yougen Kaisha was the Madhouse Studio’s take on the highly popular and successful earlier TV series Ghost Sweeper Mikami, which premiered in 1993 and lasted for 45 episodes, one 60 minute theatrical movie and a video game for the NEC Turbo CD. Ghost Sweeper Mikami featured more characters & more slapstick, risque humor than Yougen Kaisha, and established the character of a ghost-busting red-head with an extending, glowing sword. The Ayeka Kisaragi of Yougen Kaisha is a severely toned down version of Reiko Mikami. While Ayeka doesn’t hesitate to use her subtle female charms, and is often short on money, GS Mikami’s Reiko is downright sexy, totally selfish, totally willing to use whatever means necessary (which usually means resorting to violence), and so obsessed with money that she pays her hapless assistant a mere 250 yen an hour.

Fansubbed versions of roughly half of the total GS Mikami anime have been available through generous anime fans for years, so you may be able to find Ghost Sweeper episodes by asking around. Manga Entertainment has long been rumored to own the US translation and distribution rights to the series, but if this is true, Manga Entertainment has had the series for over 2 years now and seems little inclined to release it.


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