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Any Cities: Skylines Players need an Eva?

Came across these today, here’s the workshop links ūüôā Steam Workshop¬†¬†Steam Workshop
To make our lives a little easier, and get the info online faster, we’re now just going to vid the John each week. Last week’s
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Friday Podcast!

Latest podcast is up! TOPICS Media Factory Announces 5 New Anime Super Seisyun Brothers Anime Announced Battle Spirits 6th Series Announced Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends to
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March 22 Podcast!

  TOPICS: Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu Movie Announced Hokago no Pleiades Movie Announced Gainax Revives Aoki Uru Again Uchoten Kazoku Anime Announced Strike the Blood Anime
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March 15th Podcast!

  Latest podcast is live here! TOPICS: Sav! The World Announces New Multimedia Project Heisei Policemen!! Anime in Development Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Anime Announced Arcana
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